This review is provided by one of our Sharepoint 2010 customers (


About four months ago, I signed up for 12 months of Sharepoint 2010 hosting with In the matter of about an hour, I did the following:
- Easy Access and Installation of my new Sharepoint 2010 site
- Each Configuration of my Sharepoint Site Administration
- Email Configuration via their Control Panel
- Upload new files to my new Sharepoint Site
- Switched the DNS servers to my new ISP
- Moved the content folder from my old host to
- Minor configuration to secure and customize my Sharepoint Site
I'll have you know that I have not yet contacted, nor have I had to read their online help documents. The entire process was smooth as silk. I was shocked. My previous personal and professional experiences have always left me in need of some type of resolution. This is how it should be — has done a great job and I'm grateful. If you have good research, there are not many hosts out there who can provide a decent and affordable Sharepoint 2010 Hosting Solutions. You can come across a few of them, but they price is killing - it is about 5 times higher than what offers me. Well, This is truly a fantastic deal and with the easy site configuration, it just makes everything PERFECT!!!